Work hand in hand with AI bots

Zapier Central is an experimental AI workspace where you can teach bots to work across 6,000+ apps.

Intelligent AI automation


Central is the next step toward evolving automation for the AI age.

Over a decade ago, Zapier launched with a simple idea that computers should do more work for you.

Today, over 2.2 million businesses use Zapier to automate 2 billion tasks every month.

Central puts you in the driver's seat to automate even more work with the help of your friendly AI bots.

With Central, your task is as good as done


Connect live data

Give your bot access to a Google Sheet and get instant, up-to-date answers.


Give simple instructions

Tell your bot how to behave by chatting instead of coding.


Automate your work

Teach your bot once, then watch it work—even when you're not around.

What makes Central magical?

Live data

Connect a Google Sheet so your bot is always in the know without juggling files.

AI automation

Add behaviors so your bot can work at any hour, whether you’re there or not.

6,000+ apps

Central runs on Zapier's ecosystem to help you automate the tools you already use.

One AI workspace

The best of AI chat, automation, and data analysis—all in one place.

Work together, or divide and conquer

Bots can write, send, update, analyze, check, and more.

Chat with your data sources

Query your data

Know in an instant. Ask bots to search and analyze data from a spreadsheet. Get answers about customer sentiment, order volume, or untapped leads.

Automate customer follow-ups

Follow up

Nudge things toward a resolution, automatically. Remind teams about deadlines, customers about invoices, or leads about offers. You can even teach your bot to stick to a script.

Automate lead enrichment

Learn about leads

Teach bots to get background on new leads and keep you up-to-date. Enrich your leads, search the data, and act on it in a single workspace.

Auto-draft messages in any app

Draft responses

Let your bot recommend the first reply using your style. Queue up messages for customer support, team communications, or consulting requests.

Go beyond chat - take action in your apps

AI automation

Connect your bots to more than 6,000 apps.

Explore AI Bots on Zapier

New to AI? You’re not alone.

Here are some answers to common questions we get about how AI works

How do I improve the reliability of AI bots?

Follow a few of our tips for writing an effective AI prompt: include helpful information upfront, give examples, define the expected formats length of response, and give bots a role.

Why don’t I get the same outcome from AI every time?

That’s because of non-determinism. That’s the fancy term describing why AI bots will reply with different, but likely similar, answers to the same question. It’s a feature that’s core to Large Language Models (LLMs), and what makes LLMs different from computers, which will do the same thing every single time. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

What app actions can bots perform on my behalf

Central bots can only take actions in the apps you’ve connected and use the triggers and actions you’ve set up. When configuring a behavior trigger or action field in Central, you have the option to have the bot always use the same value, pick from a specific set of values, have it guess the value, or not set any value. To provide additional control, you can add more details to your behavior instructions.

How can I get access to the public preview?

Anyone can try Central for free today by going to central.zapier.com and logging in with your Zapier account. You can sign up for a free Zapier account if you don’t already have one.

Are there any limitations during the public preview?

During the public preview of Central, it's important to note that while you'll have access to a wide range of features, there may be some limitations as the platform is still under active development.

Limitations include:

- A daily bot messages quota

- 5 connected data sources

- 3 data source apps (Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Notion)

These limits are subject to change during the preview.

How can I provide feedback or report bugs?

Thank you for helping improve Central! Use our contact form to provide feedback, report bugs, or submit support requests. You can also join Zapier’s Early Access Program to get access to a Slack workspace to share feedback and discuss Central with Zapier staff and other early adopters.

What support is available during the public preview?

To get support with Central, please use our contact form. Support requests will be handled by the team building Central, as well as members of Zapier’s global support team.

Please note that because this is an early public preview, we cannot guarantee a response. Zapier is not currently providing support for Central in the Zapier Community forums, though you are still welcome to post about Central there.

Team up with your bot today

Central bots work across 6,000+ apps, even when you're away.