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Easily track your sales leads, send custom emails, and close more deals.
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Don’t let a lead slip through the cracks. Track all your leads and send them custom emails from a single place with this template. You can add fields to the provided Table to customize the information you collect and also connect any email platform to send emails to your leads. Enhance your productivity and elevate your conversion rate with this template.

How the lead tracker template works

The lead tracker template harnesses the power of Zapier Tables to store and manage lead information, including name, email address, subject line, and email body. It also features a "Send email" button that triggers an Email by Zapier action to send personalized emails to your leads. The template is driven by a single Zap, which is enabled by default and runs when the "Send email" button is clicked.

Who's it for?

Sales pros, small business owners, and marketing teams can all reap the benefits of the lead tracker template. Whether you're juggling a few leads or hundreds, this template helps you stay organized and efficient in your sales process. By streamlining your lead management and communication, you'll be able to focus on what truly matters: closing deals and expanding your business.

Perks of using the lead tracker template

The lead tracker template offers a plethora of benefits to help you excel in your sales endeavors. With its intuitive interface, you'll be able to swiftly input and manage lead information. The template's seamless integration with Email by Zapier lets you send custom emails straight from the template, ensuring your leads receive personalized communication. And by automating your lead management process, you'll save time and boost your chances of closing more deals.

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