Scale support with AI Chatbots

Resolve cases instantly and automate your customer service with Chatbots—all powered by your knowledge base.

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Scale support with Chatbots

Automate your customer service and resolve cases instantly with Chatbots—all powered by AI and your knowledge base.

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✔️ Free forever for core features    ✔️ Build a custom chatbot in minutes   ✔️ No credit card required

Automate customer support with AI

Resolve questions instantly, reduce support costs, and improve customer satisfaction with Zapier's AI-powered Chatbots.

build a chatbot in minutes

Build a chatbot in minutes

Just give your chatbot access to your content and turn it on. Customize your chatbot with the look and feel of your brand. Then embed it directly on your site.

No code and no training required.

Reduce your support volume

Reduce your support volume

Scale your customer support by automatically answering your most common questions—without increasing headcount.

Keep costs low and free up your team to deal with higher-level tasks to reduce your team's support volume instantly.

Integrate with your existing apps

Integrate with your existing apps

Connect your chatbot to the apps your team uses every day and create powerful support workflows that are available 24/7/365.

"The integration of Zapier was a game-changer. It made BotBrew.io a flexible, adaptable tool, enabling the AI-generated content to seamlessly flow into various other applications. The interoperability provided by Zapier allowed for endless automation possibilities, saving businesses time and resources."

Corbin Brown

Webcafe AI

“I use so many tools, and there’s always an issue with them. I’ve been looking to centralize my tech platforms, and using Zapier (Chatbots) to help optimize the client lead management process has made that possible."

Bennett Washabaugh


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