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How Vector Media uses Zapier Tables to automate its employee onboarding

“For me, Zapier was originally the glue to hold all of the pieces together. Now, with new releases like Tables and Interfaces, Zapier is transforming to be the whole toolbox.”

—Dan Dorato-Hankins, Chief Technology Officer at Vector Media

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29-step onboarding process automated

29-step onboarding process automated

With the entire process automated, the PeopleOps team saves one hour of manual work per new employee.

Increased collaboration and visibility

Increased collaboration and visibility

With a dashboard built in Zapier Tables, anyone on the PeopleOps team can check the progress of a new employee’s onboarding.

Less confusion and happier employees

Less confusion and happier employees

With Zapier handling the onboarding, there aren't any more missed tasks—which creates a seamless process for new employees.

About Vector Media

  • Company size: 50-200
  • Industry: Vector Media is an offline media company helping brands tell better stories through transit and large-format, out-of-home media. 
  • Location: New York, New York
About Vector Media

A completely automated employee onboarding process


A manual, time-consuming onboarding process with up to 30 steps. The complex process ate up valuable time for the PeopleOps team and caused confusion for new hires when they missed steps.


New employees start by signinf their handbook, which triggers a 29-step Zap, powered by Zapier Tables. The workflow ticks off dozens of onboarding tasks, like password creation and laptop assignments. The table also serves as a dashboard for the PeopleOps team.


The PeopleOps team saves an hour for every new employee onboarded, giving them more time for creative tasks—all while new hires enjoy seamless, error-free experiences.

“Our onboarding process has gotten so much smoother because we never have to worry about someone dropping the ball. It has created layers of redundancy and visibility that weren’t there before. Now, if there is a failure, we can jump on it before the employee that’s being onboarded is even aware.”

Dan Dorato-Hankins

Chief Technology Officer at Vector Media

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